CLEVVA Applications

Product Sales

CLEVVA helps staff effectively sell hundreds of products, as if they were product experts.

Technical Support

CLEVVA helps staff diagnose and solve technical challenges, anywhere, anytime.

Process Support

CLEVVA helps staff follow the right process steps, and make the right process decisions, every time.

Query Resolution

CLEVVA helps staff ask the right questions, and offer the right answers, every time.

Coaching Support

CLEVVA helps staff learn while they perform, with relevant learning support offered each step of the way.

Client Self-help

CLEVVA helps clients access the right sales or support advice, via in-store kiosks or online.

CLEVVA Solutions


Single platform for organisational decision support

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Complete sales platform for mobile professionals

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Complete support platform for mobile technicians

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People are becoming overwhelmed with product, process, technical, legal and system complexity. CLEVVA shields the user from this complexity, and ensures that they ask the right questions, consider the right options, and follow the right processes, even if they lack knowledge and/or experience.

This has led to CLEVVA receiving the following acknowledgements:

  • Selected as the Top Innovation within the Contact Centre industry (BPeSA)

  • Selected as one of South Africa’s most high-potential entrepreneurial companies in 2012

  • IBM Smart Cities finalist for Global Entrepreneur Award